Resumes and New Beginnings

I was sitting at a coffee shop with two friends the other night when one asked the other to look over his resume. I felt the saliva catch in my throat. Automatically, I reached for my headphones. This was not a conversation I wanted to be apart of.

But it was a conversation I needed to hear. So I plugged in my headphones but didn’t actually play any music and eavesdropped in the creepiest way possible. They went back and forth about the font choice, which bullet points to use, the margin size, and the usage of personal pronouns. My nausea began to set in.

Let  me confess something to you. I don’t have a resume. Not that I don’t have any qualifications, just not the physical piece of paper. I’ve never really had a need for it. I revealed this to a friend the other day and he said, “How could you be a sophomore in college and not have a resume?” He had a point.

That damn resume conversation kept me awake for nights. I would wake up from a deep sleep with cold sweats just thinking about my resume, or lack of. How about a LinkedIn? Do I need one of those? The thing is that I don’t exactly believe in having a resume. But that’s not something you can say to a future employer when they ask for one.

When it comes down to it, resumes basically measure who can say that they worked a really shitty job but in the most elegant way. For instance, “Handled primary administrative functions such as database filing” is the best way for me to say that I was a paper pusher (but still the best damn paper pusher you’ll ever meet). If you’ve ever been through the agony of writing a resume, you know the kind of lingo I’m talking about.

So I swallowed my pride and kicked it into high gear. A handful of days in solitary confinement led to a pretty kick ass resume with a margin size that’ll bring any CEO to their knees. After all, that’s exactly what I’m going to be hired off of.

Despite my intense aversion to resumes, I’m actually a go-getter. When I felt like I was slipping behind the rest of my peers, I picked myself immediately and wrote the resume. But the thing is, I was never slipping. I was never actually behind.

The second you start to tell yourself you’re going to lose the race is the same second you become disqualified. This is a self-prophesized mantra (and as you can tell I’m pretty proud of it). Everyone moves at their own pace and whether it feels like it or not, you’re exactly where you need to be at every moment of every day. It’s really never too late to start something new.

Which is why I’m starting a blog.



And that’s where I ended things back in November.

Everyone on my Instagram got super hyped up after I posted a small picture of my blog under construction with a nice little “Coming Soon” cliff hanger. I had every intention of launching my blog two months ago, but finals came around and life got in the way. You know how it goes. Several of my out-of-state friends asked me over break when the big release was coming and I said, “What release?”

So here I am back on my computer, white cheddar popcorn fingers sticking to my keyboard as I write some words down on a page that will dump my feelings into the wide open electronic abyss we call the internet.

I’m a YUGE fan of the New Year.

I like the thought of renewed hope, new beginnings, and the endless possibilities that another flip of the calendar brings. In reality, it’s just another day and there’s nothing very special about midnight on January 1. But I won’t let the pessimism of my Facebook friends rob me from celebrating with a bottle of champagne.

Despite how fond I am of the New Year, I’m really not one for resolutions (you can ask the several empty journals in my nightstand that I swore I’d write in every night before I went to bed in 2016… 2015,2014 etc). I can’t hang when it comes to resolutions and I’m about, oh I don’t know, 101%  positive I’m not the only one who has this issue. I still sleep pretty well at night.

But for those of you who actually have goals for 2017 and plan to stick to them, my heart stands with you. Now a days with our lives being so transparent and overexposed, it is so important to take that time for yourself and to nurture your well-being. As my boy Tim Tebow says in his book Shaken, “Think about whether you want to wake up six months or a year from now being the same person you are today.” Now if that was coming from the mouth of a personal trainer at YouFit, I’d probably punch him in the face. But since it’s coming from Tebow, I put more thought into it. We could all use some work around the edges (and if you’re reading this pretty positive that no aspect of your life needs some tweaking, there’s your answer).

But I digress.

You didn’t have to start a life changing journey on January 1, 2017, but if the turn of the year gets the wheels going then so be it. Take that energy and renewed excitement to make positive impacts in the areas of your life that can use a little grease. I’m not going to offer up a list of resolutions, you know what you need. Now is the time to stop denying yourself of the things you truly need. Now is… well, the time.



6 thoughts on “Resumes and New Beginnings

  1. Christina Morales says:

    I loved your first blog post! So glad you finally started it. I’m very proud and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!


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